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26.10 27.11.2016


Opening of the exhibition

and performance 26.10.2016, 7pm


guided tour / finissage

27.11.2016, 5pm - 8pm


Galeria Supermarket Sztuki

88 Grzybowska Street, Warsaw

Tue-Fri 2pm 6pm, Sat 11am 2pm


curator of the exhibition: Agnieszka Żechowska

cooperation: Ola Berłożecka


Izabela Chamczyk "Borderline", nitro on canvas, 2016



The “Painiting as a disease” exhibition in the Galeria Supermarket Sztuki (Art Supermarket Gallery) is the first extensive presentation of the works of Izabela Chamczyk in Warsaw. Due to her previous, provocative performance actions in various galleries and cities, as well as her nonconforming and unformatted personality, the artist is often considered to be controversial, even dangerous and ungrateful. Cooperating with her may lead to the development of “distortions” in the relation between herself, the viewer and the gallery. That is why one has to be prepared for the unexpected, whatever that is supposed to mean. This alert is one of the defining elements of Chamczyk's art. 

In 2013 the artist began activities under the banner of “The Twelve Month War”. Each month she would “secure” spaces in subsequent places, treating them as areas of expansion for her own creative energy. Her feminine temperament and determination in the fight for herself and her place in the art world are expressed in actions and performances bearing the mark of risk. No recipient can remain indifferent in that situation. They must either accept the risk, trust the artist and consent to a psycho-physical experiment, or choose to not participate in it, or outright reject it.

In May 2016, during the Night of Museums event, the Art Supermarket Gallery was host to the performance titled "Synergy", in which the artist used about fifty litres of toxic, alkyd paints. Armed with only a face mask, she spent over 3 hours in their fumes. She was accompanied by camera operator Katie Zazenski (masked as well). However, the performance area was available to the public, who only had access to protective gloves, meant to prevent staining. Volunteers took part in the painting process “at their own risk”. They themselves decided how much time they would spend in the toxic environment and how much health they would “sacrifice” to the creative – almost childlike – joy. 

This performance was a prelude to the “Painting as a disease” exhibition. It reflected the procesual aspect of Izabela Chamczyk's art. It pointed to the ambivalent condition of her work, allowing the expression of emotions in “pure” creation, while at the same time requiring the preparedness to bear the broadly understood costs of the decisions made. The artist appeals to the primal needs of creation and destruction. During performances she becomes a fleshy medium – a part of a painting stretched in space which she animates and enables to act, and then – not unlike the goddess Hestia – she gives it meaning. Her pictures externalise illnesses, psychological “disorders” and dreams, the source of which relates to life experiences and relations with others.

The exhibition consists of pictures, painting installations, and videos, as well as performances. Some of the paintings change their structure, composition, and colours under the weight of painting materials – they undergo an autonomous transformation across many days, even months; sometimes they leak outside their bounds, giving birth to new pictures. An important aspect of Chamczyk's work, regardless of the medium used, is the co-operation with other people and the drive to exceed the bounds of her own personality - “infecting” the recipient with the courage to be free from conventional norms. 


Agnieszka Żechowska



IZABELA CHAMCZYK (born 1980) – painter, performer, video artist. Creates procesual art. Works with various mediums, redefining their boundaries. Confronts and engages in active contact with the recipient. Through her art, she strives to reach the external world, beyond the gallery.

She graduated from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts with distinction in 2009. Twice, she has been awarded the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship. She was also in the finals of various prestigious contests, such as the Painting Biennal Bielska Jesień (distinction by the artistic portal OBIEG, 2015), the 10th E. Geppert contest in Wrocław, the 6th Triennal of the Young in Orońsk or the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation contest at the MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Wrocław). She has done many individual exhibitions and collective actions, such as at the SCC Gallery in Ifsahan (performance during her residency in Iran), the Entropia Gallery in Wrocław, Galeria Biała in Lublin, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, the Artistic Exhibition Office in Zielona Góra, the Contemporary Art Centre in Toruń, at the Sokołówsk Festival, and at the ERARTA museum in St. Petersburg (Russia). Her works are part of many collection nation- and worldwide.



Izabela Chamczyk "Petite mort", nitro on canvas, 100 x 80 cm, 2016





Fundacja Supermarket Sztuki

Galeria Supermarket Sztuki


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