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Is It




So Unworkable?



Opening of the exhibition: 20.09.2016, 7pm

24.09 - 25.09, 11am - 6pm

Tue - Fri, 2pm - 7pm

Sat, 11am - 2 pm

Exhibition open until October 22


Galeria Supermarket Sztuki [Art Supermarket Gallery] / Wizytująca Galeria [Visiting Gallery]

88 Grzybowska Street, 00-840 Warsaw



Joanna Pawlik, Piosenka o nauczycielce (Song About a Teacher), 2016, film still



Joanna Pawlik's exhibition „Is it So Unwokable?” is a collaboration between Galeria Supermarket Sztuki and Wizytująca Galeria. The artist reflects on creation, disability and exclusion, touching upon the invisible divisions in the art world, as well as society itself. The exhibition explores the boundaries between professional and amateur means of artistic expression, raises questions about the possibility of their coexistence and resonance in the creative process. To this end, she invites co-operation from people with disabilities, arranges for them to meet customers and non-disabled artists, initiates conversations, discussions and joint undertakings. This results in concerts, films, sound recordings, texts, collages, objects, paintings and drawings.


The exhibition features recordings from Wiktor Okrój's concert Don’t You Dare Write and Agata Wąsik's I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door, directed by Joanna Pawlik. Both events took place in April 2016 at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. The exhibition includes such films as: Jak kiedyś poznam (Once I Know), Piosenka (Song), Rozmowa (Talk) or W jak najlepszym porządku (All Absolutely Correct) prepared for Małopolski Ogród Sztuki in Cracow in 2015. Pawlik's latest film, Piosenka o nauczycielce (Song About a Teacher), was inspired by the text of Wiktor Okrój's song Dla nauczycielki w A-mol (For a Teacher in A-flat). The protagonist - Edee Dee (Edward Gil-Deskur), a musician and DJ, uses an iPhone application for the blind.

The film's heroes/heroines are authors and people whose presence may cause the viewer to feel surprise, embarrassment or discomfort. The artist confronts the recipient with non-standard images of people. This is aimed at bridging the gap between the able-bodied and the disabled, and ultimately challenge the merits of objectifying divisions. Pawlik emphasises in her work the subjective dimension of every human being. She extracts an almost classical beauty hidden in people. Those she invites, share their experiences, emotions and desires. Due to the limitations of their bodies, sometimes communication barriers, and continuous contact with social exclusion, they encounter additional obstacles standing in the way of their dreams becoming true, as well as in meeting such needs as intimacy, tenderness and love. Their goals are sometimes unattainable and utopian; it happens that they are at risk of failure.

One of the protagonists and authors of the exhibition wishes to remain anonymous. She experiences regular psychological violence. Because of a congenital physical disability she is dependent on those closest to her. Together with Joanna Pawlik, as part of her occupational therapy, she creates lettering collages, which are a record of the insults hurled at her. They carries a great emotional burden, which is highlighted by spelling and punctuation errors resulting from the author's dyslexia; one can almost hear the unpleasant sound and tone. The authors of the presentation include other participants of the occupational therapy, which Pawlik runs at Fundacja Artes in Cracow. Narrative drawings by Kamil Kowalczyk concern smog and are critical of local politics. The author emphasises the importance of caring for the environment, and thus for the health and comfort of the inhabitants, which in this case depends on the decisions of the mayor. Katarzyna Leja laboriously, with one hand, wove a tapestry depicting the ladder, from which she fell as a child. The exhibition also features artwoks by Grzegorz Jasieński, Przemysław Chronowski and Tomasz Wysocki, as well as drawings and paintings by Joanna Pawlik.

In art Pawlik expresses musical sensitivity, with importance also attached to the experience of physicality. She grew up in a musical environment and envisioned a future connected with dance. An accident prevented her from fulfilling this dream. The theme of a body's incompleteness and of lack have become central in her work. The title of the exhibition „Is it So Unwokable?” is taken from the lyrics of a song by Wictor Okrój Dream of a fender. It questions the possibility of implementing plans, developing interests, dreams coming true, meeting the emotional and creative needs of people with disabilities, as well as the possibility of breaking down social and mental barriers o!f those "with and without disabilities" in the dimension of art?

Agnieszka Żechowska




Joanna Pawlik (born 1974) - is a visual artist, art therapist, curator, writer and director. She practices painting, drawing, photography and video work. She received her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Currently she is preparing a doctoral work at the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University in Cracow.


She presented her art at individual exhibitions, such as: “I Fink U Freeky and I Like You a Lot” at Małopolski Ogród Sztuki in Cracow (2015), “Bliżejschowajtwarz” at Nowe Miejsce in Warsaw (2014), “Balance” at Galeria Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow (2010), “Economy of Loss” at Gallery 69 in Oslo (2009), “Spacer” at Czarna Galeria in Warsaw (2009), “Without a Trace” at Otwarta Pracownia in Cracow (2006).


She participated in many group exhibitions: “Medicine in Art” at the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow (2016), “Nie/dopasowanie (Non/conformance)” in Wizytująca Galeria and Fundacja Supermarket Sztuki in Warsaw (2015), PAO Festival 2014 – “Vizual Poetry in Performance Art” at Atelier Nord in Oslo (2014), 12th SURVIVAL Art Review – “City - Inflammatory State” in Wrocław (2014), 10th International Visual Arts Festival inSPIRACJE/Xtreme at Miejska Galeria Sztuki 13 Muz in Szczecin (2014), “The Day Is Not Enough (a few autobiographical stories)” at Galeria BWA SOKÓŁ in Nowy Sącz and Galeria Miejska ARSENAŁ in Poznań (2014), “Disabled By Normality” at the DOX Art Contemporary Center in Prague (2013), “The Day Is Not Enough (a few autobiographical stories)” at the Contemporary Museum in Wrocław (2013), “Tribute to moda polska” at the Lookout Gallery in Warsaw (2013), “Skąd możesz wiedzieć, co robisz, gdy śpisz? (How Can You Know What You Do When You Sleep?)” at Galeria Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow (2012), “Recommended by…” at Fotogalerie Wien WUK, Month of Photography in Vienna (2012), “Now! Video Art from Poland”, 11 Freunde Kultur im Quartier in Berlin (2012), ”Chora sztuka” (Seek Art) at Kamienica Jerozolima in Warsaw (2012), “Sexy” at Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum in Mexico City, Mexico (2011), “New Screen New Castle” in Newcastle, Great Britain (2011), 14th Media Art Biennale WRO 2011, Alternative Now in Wrocław (2011), “Simple Living” at Center and Gallery P74 in Ljubljana (2010), “Charm Of Harm” in Bregenz (2010), Jeune Création Européenne in Montrouge, France (2009), “Portret własny. Prace z kolekcji Piotra Bazylko i Krzysztofa Masiewicza” at Centre Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (2008), Oslo Screen Festival (2008), The Young Art Biennial “FISH EYE” 5 at Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki in Słupsk (2008), “Pod zamkniętymi powiekami” at Czarna Galeria in Warsaw (2008), “Pamiętniki pokolenia tamagotchi” (Journals of the Tamagotchi Generation) at Klima Bochenska Gallery in Warsaw (2008), “Złudzenie widzenia” (Illusions of Seeing) at Fabryka Schindlera in Cracow (2006), “Ple Ple Which” at Galeria Dla in Toruń / Klima Bochenska Gallery in Warsaw (2006), “Polish Art Am Main” in Frankfurt am Mein (2006), “Bielska Jesień 2005” at Galeria Bielska BWA in Bielsko-Biała (2005), Supermarket Sztuki V/1 – “Tolerate Me!” – Young European art biennale at Galeria DAP in Warsaw (2005).


She has won awards, received honourable mentions and scholarships, among them: an honourable mention at the 37th Biennale Bielska Jesień (2005), grand prize at the Young Art Biennial “FISH EYE” 5 (2008), a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heriatge (2013), a Młoda Polska scholarship (2010), the Trust For Mutual Understanding award, in the USA (2010), a residency at the 18th StreetArtsCenter, Santa Monica, USA (2010).


Works by Joanna Pawlik are in private and public collections, including in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow (MOCAK) and that of Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow.



Participants / co-authors of the exhibition:


Wiktor Okrój (born 1990) - born with cerebral palsy. Author of poems and lyrics - so far two volumes of his poetry were published: Moje życie jest jak album (My Life Is Like an Album) (Cracow, ZSS No. 11, 2010), Dlaczego nie wiem (Why I Don’t Know) (Cracow, Miniatura, 2014). He also composes music. In 2013 a theatrical performance entitled Nie ma jak na wsi (There’s No Place Like The Countryside) was created based on his lyrics and music, directed by Alessandra Barczyk. In 2016, his concert was held at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw entitled Nie wasz się pisać (Don’t You Dare Write) with the help of musicians Paulina Owczarek and Ernest Ogórek, and actor Paweł Tomaszewski, directed by Joanna Pawlik. A member of the Dobczycka Band.


Agata Wąsik (born 1993) - strongly linked with music since childhood. She sings, plays the guitar and piano. She graduated from Primary Music School in a classical guitar class and is currently continuing her musical education at the vocal department of Jóżef Elsner Secondary Music School in Warsaw. She's studying Ukrainian philology at the University of Warsaw. Music from different worlds are her interest: ranging from opera, through folk, rock, pop, gospel, symphonic metal, Sephardic music, to sung poetry. In 2014, as part of a school concert, she prepared a  mini - recital with her teacher Magdalena Schabowska and accompanist Olga Ternovyh. In 2016 her recital I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door directed by Joanna Pawlik was held at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. She has sung in the Los Bilbilicos band of Anna Jagielska-Riveiro. For a number of years she has been co-operating with Rafał Urbacki for the Przechlapane (In Hot Water) (Warsaw, 2012), Stypa (Wake) (Poznań, 2012) and Niech nigdy w tym dniu słońce nie świeci (Let The Sun Never Shine On This Day) (Gniezno, 2014) spectacles.


Dj Edee Dee (Edward Gil-Deskur) - a blind musician of Roma origin. He's a producer, sound engineer, singer and DJ playing under the pseudonyms of DJ Gipsyman, DJ Edee Dee. He collaborates with THC Underground, Funk Fu, Kinetic Formation. He has worked with such musicians as Michał Urbaniak, Wojciech Karolak, Joachim Menzel, Sławek Jaskułke, Jacek and Wojtek Fedkowicz, Jan Pilch, and Jarosław Śmietana. He has performed with DJ Assault, UK Apachee, MC MC, Goldie, The Freestylers, Aron Spector, Black Sun Empire, Krime, Mk Fever, DJ Technic, DJ Dokuro. He has also participated in festivals in Poland and abroad, among them Unsound, the International Percussion Festival and the Festival Pollen kommen. Together with Michał Gorczyca (DJ Dokuro) he has written music for theatre spectacles, such as Werter w Nowym Jorku (Werter in New York) (Teatr im. J. Słowackiego in Cracow) and Leonce i Lena (Leonce and Lena) (Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw). Together with his sister Marta Deskur he has conducted workshops for young clubbers at Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow. He hosted Muzykodelia (Musicodelia) at the Radiofonia radio station.


Katarzyna Leja (born 1984) - fell from a ladder at the age of six, suffers from paresis of the right side of her body and is blind in one eye. She studied tailoring (embroidery) at the Special Care Educational Centre No. 5 in Cracow. Participant of the Occupational Therapy Workshop at Fundacja Artes in Cracow. She likes to read, paint, weave, sing. Addicted to the Love Connection computer game. She creates works with fun titles using collage, drawing, tempera, crayons and fabric.


Kamil Kowalczyk (born 1982) - is severely visually impaired and suffers from asthma. He studied at the Special Care Educational Centre for Blind Children in Cracow. Already during his education he attended additional art classes. A year after graduating from school he came to Fundacja Artes. His solo exhibition was held at the foundation's headquartes.


Paweł Mrożkiewicz (born 1990) – he suffers from epilepsy and intelectual disability. Since 2011 he has lived in DPS in Cracow. He helps others who are more  disabled than him, e.g. he pushes their wheelchairs and lifts those who cannot stand up on their own.

Rafał Przygocki (born 1990) – he was born with celebral palsy, he suffers from the parasis of the right and left left side of his body. He finished Special Shools Complex No. 11 in Cracow. He doesn’t speak, write or read. He is interested in electronics and he likes to help with new appliances.

Przemysław Chronowski (born 1987) – he was born with cerebral hypoxia and tendon contracture in both legs. He graduated from Basic Vocational School No. 30 in the Jan Matejko Centre for Special Education No. 1 as a trained purse maker.

Tomasz Wysocki (born 1976) – he suffers from mind mild left hemiplegic cerebral palsy. He finished a special school and is trained as a plumber. He has worked at a sheltered workshop. He likes reading. He paints and draws from imagination, producing quicly made sketches.

Grzegorz Jasiński (born 1988) – he went to Middle School No. 18 in Cracow, he was interested in sports and was a member of a football team. When 14 years old he was diagnosed with viral encephalitis (spent a year in a medically induced coma). The illness has caused severe drug-resistant epilepsy. He finished grammar school with individual teaching programme. He began drawing and painting in the hospital, with he has since continued at Artes Foundation.




Joanna Pawlik, Conversation, 2015, film still


Joanna Pawlik, Bette and Dot, olej na płótnie, 2015





Organizers: Galeria Supermarket Sztuki / Wizytująca Galeria

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